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SHOPLINE is an e-Commerce platform, more comprehensive and user-friendly than Shopify. Set up your store easily with no plug-ins needed and start earning today! Powerful tools like AI-Powered Digital Ads System, Facebook livestream commerce, and more at your fingertips!

Check out our awesome features:

Watch the video to learnhow the Smart Ads System works.

We make ad buying simpler for merchants, so you can focus on your business more.

You need to use  SHOPLINE Smart Ads System if any of the below sounds familiar to you.

I have never run a Facebook ad before. I have issues getting new customers to my website.

I don't have time and budget to hire so many people to run and optimize every ad campaign.

I have way too many SKUs and a limited budget to test and run everything that I want.

Optimize ads automatically

SHOPLINE Smart Ads System automatically turns off low-performance ads—or ads with out-of-stock products. Smart Ads will also send email notifications about its behaviors.

Attract New Customers & Retarget Past Purchasers at the Same Time!

Use system to further expand customer base AND to attract past customers to re-visit your website and shop again.

Create 15-sec videos quickly

The conversion rate of video ads is so much higher than static image ads. Smart Ads provides various 15—30 seconds video templates for you to create ad videos using your product images. 

AI recommends products

Smart Ads AI can predict and recommend the next potential popular products. It places stars on items so that you can identify them easily.

Check out SHOPLINE Smart Ads System full features.

CREATE ADS | Easy to use and fast. Create ads directly using product pictures that you uploaded into your SHOPLINE inventory system.

EDIT VIDEO ADS | You can choose to upload a video file into Smart Ads to supplement your inventory pictures. Smart Ads video editing is easy.

INTUITIVE SETTINGS | Select ad goals, budget, parameters and targets quickly with dropdown lists, check boxes and scroll bars.

REPORTING | At-a-glance and visually attractive data graphics that will point out what matters the most. You can export the performance reports for offline review.

CHOOSE AD TYPES | Select from a choice of static, dynamic and video (slideshow) ads. Feed them with your SHOPLINE inventory SKUs and watch it being generated automatically.

SMART AD | The Smart Ad AI manager will adjust ads according to performance changes and close ads of out-of-stock products. Email notifications will be sent for every AI behavior.

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